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  • Horror / Halloween

    Scared of the dark? Scared of spiders? Fear of heights? Phobia of bad library music? Yep us too! Just the good stuff here, from eerie and spooky to topical, comical and mystical.

  • Sounds of Summer

    Whether the sun is shining or not - this playlist will bring the Summer into your life!

  • Current Affairs

    Our top tracks for hard hitting, serious news themes and beds. From dramatic, punchy and edgy to honest, reflective and sad, our Current Affairs playlist has everything you need for international and domestic news!

  • Love / Valentines

    Sultry, romantic, sensual, classic, serenades and so many more styles covered in this ultimate love playlist.

  • Christmas

    No explanation needed really! Just a sack load of Christmas music spanning various genres and styles.

  • Cinematic Tracks

    Our brand new movie trailer series, from Action to Fantasy, Drama to Adventure we've got it covered. Recorded with world renowned orchestra's and producers Cinematic Tracks is legit

  • EDM

    Electronic Dance Music = Progressive, trance, house, chart beats, this playlist covers all things dance! Sort by 'DATE ADDED' to hear our latest beats.

  • Sport-u-topia

    The Sport-u-topia playlist covers a wide variety of sporting needs. Extreme sports, tennis, football and much, much more.

  • Feelgood

    Music that makes you feel good!.... Happy, uplifting summery cheerful vibes.

  • Quirky and Fun

    Some of the words for this playlist: different, weird, unusual, odd, comical, hard to find. It's a brilliant playlist full of oddities and suggestions for production that might require something a little left of centre!

  • Entertainment

    Whether a breakfast show on the radio or a TV Chat show, a talk show, or a fun production piece. The Entertainment playlist is the place to find all those styles you're familiar with, perfect for many entertainment uses.

  • Lifestyle TV

    Tracks that sound like your favourite TV show. This playlist gives you everything from drama and tension to fun uplifting lifestyle themes.

  • Promo Beds

    Need promo music? This playlist has it all. Perfect for promo and talkover, in both 2 minute and 30 second versions.

  • Folky Playlist

    Folk is such a hot style right now. All things banjo, mandolin, ukelele, from downright quirky to totally feelgood pop folk. Classic styles to modern folk.

  • Urban Jungle

    Trap, twerk, dubstep, chillstep, underground, R&B. From dark and deep to commercial and pop. Urban Jungle covers all the beats from the street!

  • Pop World

    From bubble gum to feel good, dance and urban, this playlist brings you all things pop.

  • Rock Nation

    Volume to 11 - this is all about LOUD guitars, extreme punk, metal and thrash. If you need rock, you've come to the right place!

  • Spirit of Rio

    Encapsulating the vibrancy, culture and essence of Brazil 2016. We've handpicked the best Brazilian beats and authentic samba rhythms for your Rio themed productions.

  • Spirit of the Games

    There is no spectacle quite like this. The strength, agility, determination and endeavour you'll see during the gathering of sporting nations to compete in athletic trials are super human and deserve music to match. We’ve hand picked these tracks as they will cover the emotion, exhilaration, joy and pain that encompass the event.